2018 Kia Sedona

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Take a closer look at the Kia Sedona.  The travel season is upon us and we invite you to experience the Kia Sedona.  Today’s families are active and distance is not an issue.  However, most families have “stuff”  they need and there is always a friend that would like to tag along.  The Sedona will  handle your transporting people and cargo with state-of-the-art technology and style.   “Minivan?”  The Sedona is just a few inches longer than the Sorento, but offers more cargo room, passenger room, seating for 8, with all of the comfort and technology features of  a luxury vehicle.   We call the Sedona our “MPV” (multi person vehicle).   You have to get in and drive the it to appreciate it.  From its comfortable seating to the attention to detail that has been designed into its cabin.   The list of technology features is long, and some folks are concerned about feature operation.  Let us assure you that Kia technology is user friendly and most of it operates on its own.    If you can speak, you can enjoy a lot of the technology.


“I don’t want a minivan” is a something we often hear.   While we won’t try to sell you something you don’t want, we will try to get you to inform you as to why we think Sedona is for you.   The Sedona offers many trim levels and  configurations based on your needs with standard V6 power that moves effortlessly down the road.

We have a slogan at Mark Martin Kia, “Getting there is half of the fun.”  Most of us will spend several hours travelling this summer.   The best thing about the Kia Sedona is that your passengers will be impressed and comfortable as you travel.  Sedona offers something for every age and comfort for every passenger with storage capabilities for their cargo.   Before you buy another mid size utility vehicle that will seat 7, take a look at the Sedona and experience the difference in “seating 7” and “comfortable room for everyone”.


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